• Synwood

    Introduction to Synwood & its Formation Process

    Synwood is the synthetic materials which are exclusively designed for interiors and exteriors constructions needs and requirement. Synwood can be used in many areas to serve both function and fashion. Synwood is 100% recyclable material. Synwood is Flame Retardant WatchVideo

    What is Synwood?
    Synwood is the synthetic wood which is made by foaming of PVC by using ultra high end technology into different forms for various applications. It is 100% recyclable.

    How is Synwood formed?
    Synwood is formed by the process of foam extrusion methods. The introduction of twin screw extrusion is a significant achievement for Synwood productions and others sheet products.

    Environmental Impact - 100% recyclable. No restrictions due to existing regulations regarding the use of Synwood Products.

    Classification of Synwood

    Interior Products

    Synwood Panels (Wall Panel & Ceiling Panel)

    Synwood Foam Sheets ( Hollow & Solid)

    Synwood Flooring Tiles

    Exterior Products

    Synwood Cladding

    Synwood Decking

    Synwood Construction Bars

    Characteristics of Synwood

    Reduce labor time and work.

    Available in solid and hollow sheet.

    Available in different color and patterns.

    Water proof, insect, termite proof & sound proof.

    Low thermal conductivity & high insulation resistant.

    Easy to fabricate, light weight & height impact strength.

    Application Areas

    Bed Room Furniture

    Living Room Furniture

    Kitchen furniture

    System cabinet

    Office Furniture


    Door Panel of bathroom


    Office Furniture

    Door panel and bathroom

    Laboratory Desk

    Vehicle-Body lining

    Angle bar for structure

    Contribution to “GO GREEN’ initiatives.

    Not classified as special waste.

    No hazardous substances regulated by the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.

    No special requirements for cutting and working the material.

    The color pigments and PVC resins used are also environmentally friendly.

    Synwood Products contain no harmful halogens, even the low flammability version.

    Environmentally safe. No harmful combustion products are produced when burned.

    SYNWOOD PVC Wall & Ceiling Panel is ideal substitutes to plywood wall panelling and is available in multi colour and in pre finished wood and veneer designs.Synwood Wall Panelling can be done on uneven or plastered walls. Synwood wall panelling has advantages like providing better thermal insulation, being maintenance free, 100% water proof. 100% termite proof. It consumes less space, as compared to plywood wall panelling. Synwood wall panelling enhances the looks of the interior environment of hotels, offices, hospitals etc.

    Comparison of Synwood Wall Panelling with Competing Material like panelling zare panels, syntex panel, amstrong panel, Synwood remains superiority.

    Synwood panels are superior in every aspect. Synwood panels are unbeatable. your paragraph here.



    Synwood Doors has offers everything. Yes ….. Absolutely everything.

    Application Area :
    Residential Bedroom, Bathroom & Toilets. Commercial: Office, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts simply anywhere.

    Synwood Furniture - Foam Sheets Absolutely make anything from Synwood foam sheets, Tv Unit, Wardrobe, Bed, Coffee table, Kitchen.

    Application Area :
    ResidentialLiving Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom & Toilets. Commercial: Office, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts.

    Synwood Flooring

    Wood like Flooring Tiles.. amazing colors and superior finishes. Flooring is often the single largest design elements in a room and your selection of flooring will dictate the overall style of your room and kitchen.

    A lot of people opt for real wood when it comes to their room and kitchen flooring. However, hardwood has one major problem that makes it unsuitable for use in kitchen and room flooring because hardwood swells when it get in contact with water and be ruined in a matter of minutes.

    If your mind and soul is always associated with wooden look and can’t move away from wood finished but worry about termites and water problems, then you should consider wood grains or wood look – Wood Like “Synwood”. Synwood is more than wood.

    Synwood Flooring Tiles is available in 12 mm thickness, 6 inches widths and 4 foot lengths, in a wide range of shades, and is hyper-realistic. Most importantly, it won’t get scratched, nicked, dented, damaged with water, or eaten by insects. It stays cool in summer, and is easy to clean and also low maintenance.

    Application Area : Residential: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom. Commercial: Office, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts